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Private Lesson Policies



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Welcome!  I look forward to working with you and learning about music and the flute together. Through private lessons, here is a partial list of goals for us to work towards:



You will develop technical skills as a musician which will allow you to express yourself creatively and musically. 


You will develop skills in listening, critiquing, and evaluating musical performances.


You will acquire skills in performance, practice techniques, setting and realizing goals, and assessment of weekly/quarterly accomplishments.


 1.    What you need: 



A flute in good working condition 


A notebook or blank music book (see below). 


A music stand for practicing at home 


A cleaning cloth and rod 


An inexpensive metronome (required of all students) 


A tuner (for all students with more than two years of experience) 


Sheet music and other texts, etc., as deemed necessary by the instructor. (I am aware that music is expensive and will always try to help you find economical prices whenever possible.)


 2.    Your notebook:  

Students are expected to keep a lesson notebook. The notebook should contain:

  1. Lesson assignment sheets

  2. Listening list

  3. Practice Tips

3.     Lesson Fees: 

Fees are due either first of the month or weekly.  Please be consistent once a payment plan is agreed upon. 

4.     Attendance:  

If you need to miss a lesson, please give me advance notice (48 hours minimum) so that we can reschedule. Because regular flute lessons are important in encouraging regular practice routines and musical development, I would prefer to reschedule lessons rather than canceling them. A charge for cancelled lessons will apply if reschedule isn't possible and the cancellation occurred less than 36 hours in advance.  

If you must cancel on the day of a lesson, please leave a message on my voice mail at 206-579-7073. E-mail is NOT an acceptable method of canceling a lesson. Please do not assume that I am aware of government holidays or school vacations; not all schools follow the same calendars, so please let me know if you will need to cancel for a specific reason. Finally, if you haven't practiced, or if the flute is at the repair shop, please don't cancel your lesson—we can still make some musical progress!

5.    Lesson Content:

In each lesson, we will work on tone production, technical studies, and flute repertoire (a solo and/or duet). We may also work on school band music as needed, and any solos you wish to play for contests or asked to perform for school, church, etc. Students are responsible for providing their own music. Parents are welcome to observe lessons at any time. Student recitals will be scheduled each spring.

 6.    Practice: 

Lessons are an exercise in “teamwork.” The “team” includes the student, the teacher, and the parent(s). Parents are expected to encourage students, to remind (or nag!) them to practice, and to help them obtain needed materials in a timely manner. I have found that when parents take an active role in encouraging students to practice, students experience more success. Students are expected to practice a minimum of one hour daily for a 1 hour private weekly lesson. Junior high and high school students who want to major in music in college are expected to increase these times accordingly.

 7.     Accompanists: 

You are responsible for finding your own accompanist for recitals and competitions and working out a schedule for rehearsal, lessons, and performance. I am happy to provide you with a list of pianists and will assist you in coordinating with other students to share accompanist fees. 

8.    Listening: 

You are required to listen to one new recording every two weeks.  These recordings can be either Classical or Christian in style. This is a wonderful way to learn about music and the flute! Please keep a list in your notebook with any observations you may have. Recordings may be borrowed from the public library or checked out from the instructor. You are also encouraged to begin to collect your own library of recordings. 

9.    Resources for sheet music and supplies: 

When ordering music, make sure it is in stock. Music stores will offer to back-order music for you, but it may take a long time to arrive. 



Barker-Linn Sheet Music Service in Portland, Oregon (800) 452-1133


Carol Nussbaum Music Company (877) FLUTE4U


Mills Music (425) 486-3366, (9 Seattle area locations)

10.    Buying new instruments: 

Please get my “approval” before purchasing new instruments. I may be able to help you find a better price or a higher quality instrument. I am more than happy to visit music stores with you to assist you in purchasing instruments. (I do not charge extra for being your “personal shopper”.) 

And finally

…I hope that flute lessons will be a very positive experience for you. A chance to grow musically and spiritually.  If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to call me (after 8:00 am and before 10:30 pm). 



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Last modified: May 13, 2003